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Football Pools Coupon | Draws Result | Fixtures
Football Pools Coupon | Draws Result | Fixtures

Do Not Attend Any FX Seminar...........Until You Have Read This!

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I have often been asked how to select a FX Trainer/Mentor. I will attempt to itemize in a few sentences the drill test in choosing a FX Trainer. They are as follows-

* The trainer must be a “Profitable FX Trader”, In other words, he/she must be a trader that is on top of  the FX market for a minimum of 18months!You must be able to access several screen shots of the Trade Account over at least 18months period. Do not fall for mediocres who tells you that making their screenshots public is a security risk Grin

*The trader must not be a “Zombie Trader” i e he/must not be a trader that trades using a Robot/software to trade. I have met a lot of self acclaimed traders that cannot identify a candlestick as trivial as a doji!

*The trainer must not be a “class trader”- Nigerians have a knack for speaking “big english” to conceal their ignorance. A lot of “FX Marketers” confuse their prospects with talk like……I am a Fundamental trader!......I trade news……….I am a technical trader! When you meet “gurus” like this, please run for your life-they don’t have anything to offer!

Happy Learning and Profitable Trading!

Engr. Osagie Ogbeide,
Principal Partner,
Jasogbe Global Network,
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