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Title: Militants Attack on Facebook & Twitter!
Post by: Legit Online Business Mentor on August 13, 2009, 01:37:27 PM
Dear Reader,

If you are always afraid of violence like the one in Niger Delta or the recent one caused by Boko Haram in the Northern part of Nigeria, don’t panic as the title above has nothing to do with that.

I realised that Internet marketing strategy is like planning an attack. If you are used to online marketing terms, you must have heard words like guerrilla marketers, or Internet warriors, it simply shows that you must be like a militant ready to take action that will give you your own online market share.

So, you must know the latest strategy that wins and explore it fast before it becomes stall. That is why your darling organisation, Jasogbe Global Network with the support of its outreaches, JGN Ltd will not rest but to give you marketing winning and fresh strategies that will keep you on top of the game always.

Come of 30th August, 2009, at the NEW INFO CITY EMPOWERMENT SUMMIT, AUGUST EDITION, there will be a released of the bomb shell that will set you to take over with your Internet marketing strategy using the latest potent SOCIAL NETWORKING systems (or should I call it weapons?) like facebook and Twitter.

As you know me, I don’t like talking too much, just see what Engr. Osagie has to say about it by following the link below;

This AUGUST EDITION Summit is going to be super hot, there will be a lot of side attraction too for JGN members as they get themselves prepared for the grand launching of the club in September. If you miss it, you may bite your fingers when I give you the event report after the programme.

Don’t forget to give your comment too, let’s know how you feel about the topic.

To Your Success,
Engr. Osagie,
Principal partner,
Jasogbe Global Network