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( Note that you should keep these settings to yourself and use meticulously.

On Your Freedom Server Connection tab enter these settings below:

server address:
port: 80
connection mode: CGI

Next Click on Account Information and enter the username and password of your freedom account.
Next Click on Proxy Settings Tab and enter these settings.
Proxy Address: “leave this blank”
Proxy Port: Port “leave this blank”
Proxy Username: “leave this blank”
Proxy Password: “leave this blank”
Proxy Domain: “leave this blank”
Proxy Type: HTTP/HTTPS
Proxy Authentication: Any or none
User Agent: “leave this blank”

FTP Proxy Server:
Proxy Address “leave this blank”
Proxy Port: “leave this blank”

Now click on Save and Exit.

Now on the Your-Freedom Menu. Click on ports and tick, SOCKS 4/5 (PORT 1080), and WEB PROXY (PORT 8080)

Start your ZAIN connection to your PC.

Then click on Start Connection.

Next go to your browser and find the manual proxy configuration settings, probably under network settings, and enter this IP for all Proxies: and enter this port for all ports: 8080
Minimize the Your Freedom Windows and open Your web browser and start browsing.