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Author Topic: Jos Crises: Tension In Southern Kaduna Over Fulani Migrants

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           Jos Crises: Tension In Southern Kaduna Over Fulani Migrants
A crisis is said to be brewing in the southern part of Kaduna State over the  alleged migration of Fulani nomads fleeing Jos, Plateau State, as a  result of the lingering crisis there.

The Southern Kaduna Progressive Youth Movement at the weekend rejected  the alleged migration of Fulani nomads to the area, while an  organisation, the Pastoral Resolve (PARE), has appealed to the Kaduna State  government to urgently set up a committee to  investigate the killing of six Fulani nomads it alleged were killed  in the area, aside 1,408 cattle and 235 sheep belonging to the m.

The Southern Kaduna Progressive Youth Movement  also said that the  state government and security agencies would be held responsible  should any crisis erupt in the area following what they described as  "high tension' migration to the area of the nomads from Plateau State.

In a press statement signed by Caleb S. Abbott, and Aliyu Andrew,  president and secretary, respectively, declared: "The entire  youths of Southern Kaduna are not in agreement with the development  and cannot accept it in any way. This is because of what is already  happening following the influx of the Fulani from Jos.

"The recent happening in Plateau State where an entire village,Dogo- Nahawa, was almost wiped out by  the  Fulani is still fresh in our memory.  We cannot accept such wild characters that are controlled by 'God  knows' in our domain. They have proven to be inhuman without fear of  God and exhibit wild animal-like behaviours".

Stating reasons for rejecting, them, the movement said: "There are  instances to prove that we cannot accept these Fulani  migrants in our are a. At Agunu Ward in Kachia local government, a 75  year-old woman, Hassana Yaki, was raped to death by unknown  people.At Gora Gan Kataf in Gora Ward,Zangon Kataf local government,  another woman, Iyeye Dogara Duniya, was stabbed by Fulani men.In her  case ,God gave her strength to fight back and one of them was caught  and has been handed over to the Police.

"These migrants from Jos are already temporally settled. They only  arrive in the night without the knowledge and consent of the people of  the area. Such places include Kauru,Sanga,Kajuru and Kaura local  government areas. They arrived in the morning at one village called  Kallah and were asked to go back immediately because of tension.

"Why do they move into areas like thieves? Why Southern Kaduna? Why do they  go about surveying the area at night? It is a clear indication that  they are not friendly and we cannot accept that".
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