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Author Topic: Interior Minister, Ademola Seriki Dares Court…Abandons Wife & Denies Child .....

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Interior Minister, Ademola Seriki Dares Court…Abandons Wife & Denies Child Paternity learnt that the Minister of state for Interior Ademola Seriki has in recent times recorded many escapades with the daughters of Eve, the actions which has brought a great disrepute to the office he is presently occupying. It was also gathered that the minister had in the years past organized different nude parties at one of his Abuja residences all in the name to satisfy his uncontrollable sexual urge, the consequence which has made the wife (or wives) to suffer many matrimonial ordeal and agony.

Investigations by showed Shola Shaba and her estranged husband, Nigeria’s Minister of State for Interior, Ademola Seriki is a love gone sour tale. Sola, an Abuja based lawyer, was believed to have been very close to the Minister ever before he was appointed. After he was given appointment, she became a more visible face around him and even in his office. And so, it was no news for when she got pregnant, the news of their secret wedding was still exposed by the smart paparazzo. By then, she was heavily pregnant. According to close family sources weeks after the weeding, it was obvious that there were some cracks in the marriage as he sent the lady packing out of his Abuja home. As if that was not enough, the minister decided not to support her bid to go to London to deliver her baby. She still went all the same and when eventually she put to bed, giving birth to a baby girl, the Minister out rightly denied the Paternity of the baby girl. gathered that this has been a major cause of concern for the family of the lady who are not finding the whole development funny at all. The new baby and her mother were still in London while Sola’s mother is back in Abuja to try and sort things out with the Minister. It was revealed that Ademola Seriki is not budging as he has insisted that he is not the father of the baby. Curiously those who know the story of the Minister and the now estranged wife have been wondering whether the Minister could easily have disowned the lady who stood by him all through the time he was struggling for survival. The story of the Minister’s new found romance with his returnee wife, especially since she staged a comeback after the wedding with Sola, has also sent tongues wagging. Already, Sola Shaba’s mother is said to be preparing to go to Court to force the Minister to own up to his paternal responsibilities to the new born baby and the mother of the child whom he married months back. To this end, a DNA test is being proposed for both child and father, in order to know whether Seriki is biologically responsible for the child’s paternity.     

However, this bizarre tale won’t be a surprise, especially to those that has been following the antics of this Minister since his inception into Yar’Adua’s administration. It would be recalled that sometime in April 2009 David Okpoko, a journalist with the Abuja bureau of a Lagos based television station, TV Continental (owned by Bola Tinubu), was assaulted during the special national convention of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, as he attempted to take shots of Demola Seriki, then as a Minister of State for Defence, who was involved in an open brawl with some members of the Lagos state delegation to the convention.

The assaulted journalist gave the tale of his ordeal: “I was at the Ondo state pavilion and the next thing is that I saw a group of people fighting nearby. As a newsman, I will not miss that type of shot. So, I decided to take the shot as part of the events at the convention, that was the sin I committed. The Minister of State for Defence, Seriki, came in with a gang and started fighting with some people. The minister was throwing punches as if he was a child. In fact, I did not believe that the Minister can descend so low to be fighting at the convention ground, I don’t know what they were fighting for”, he added. learnt that it was in the process of taking the shots, more than 10 ‘‘area boys’’, who were with the minister, descended on journalist and forcefully took the camera from him. David said his attackers later handed over the camera to Lanre Razak, former ANPP gubernatorial candidate in Lagos state, who is now a chieftain of the PDP. “He was the one holding the camera. I was so surprised that he could lead a gang of thugs like that”, said David. It took the intervention of other journalists around before the camera was retrieved. Some of the thugs who beat up David had openly claimed he was a spy for the former governor. This incessant unruly behaviour and thuggery tendency of Mr. Seriki would not be unconnected with the reasons why this administration has refused to make him a substantive minister, he has since remain only in the assisting capacity (Ministry of Defense and Interior). Again the minister should note that being handsome or good looking is not a license for him to be irresponsible, especially now that he still enjoys the tax payers’ money.
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