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on: March 07, 2010, 10:01:47 AM
                                              MAN BUTCHERS SISTER'S SON
Are you a parent? Are you fond of leaving your children with your parents, in-laws, neighbors or other relations? Then, you need to read this to be extra careful on leaving your  “most precious gifts” with anybody.

On that fateful Wednesday, when Mr. and Mrs. Babalola had a programme to attend outside their home at Ile-Ife, they thought of a secure place to keep their three children. After deliberating for a while, they agreed to keep the children with their maternal grandmother, Mrs. Ibidun Makinde, 75, living at Agbedegbede Street, Ile-Ife. They appealed to the old woman to assist them take good care of them.

She assured them of their safety, more so, since that would not be the first time of the children staying with her. Joyfully they left Ile-Ife allegedly “for Lagos to attend a naming ceremony”. The children quickly adjusted themselves to the new environment. They started playing when their parents took them there.
Angel of death

At noon, one of the brothers of their mother, Ogunyemi Oluleke, 30, entered the family house where grandma was living. He came from his house located at Iredunmi to visit their house. A reliable source narrated that grandma was not in when Leke arrived.”We learnt that he sent one of the children, Moshood Babalola, 12,on an errand to buy him rice. After eating, he told the boy to go and wait for him in a particular place at Oke -Itase. The boy complied and that is the last time he was seen alive”, a source disclosed.   

When the grandma returned, she started looking for the boy. They searched all the likely places to no avail. Moshood parents returned and frantically continued the search for days. Emotion took over. Wailing and anguish pervaded the air. The grand mother and Mr. Babalola Sikiru, Moshood’s father went to ‘A’ Division Police station, Moore, to report that his lad was missing. Police joined family, friends and neigbours in the task of finding Moshood. Special prayers and fasting began.

Not missing, but kidnapped
From information gathered by the police, it soon became clear that Moshood was kidnapped and not missing. Who kidnapped him? Where, when and how? These were the question everyone was interested in getting answers to. Kidnapping cases are rare in the community.
 One of the children later told the search team “It was brother Leke who told Moshood to go and wait for him at Oke-Itase”. Pronto, police and others moved to Leke’s house .He denied ever seeing the boy or sending him on errand.

“He lied fluently that nobody suspected him after his explanation. Moreso, he is a brother to the Moshood’s mother. Though, we know him as an herbalist. It never crossed anybody’s mind that he could do any harm to any of his family members or close relations”, a source disclosed. The search and prayer continued. 

 Found in pit latrine, cut to pieces!
When the boy –dead or alive-was not seen on time, a crack team of police detectives from State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID) took over the case. Osun State CID is headed by Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Ebenezer Adeyemi Gbolahan. The team again interrogated the suspect.
“He still denied knowing Moshood’s whereabouts. He even looked so harmless and was weeping to affirm his innocence. Police team later took him to his house for searching.

It was during the search that some intelligent, experienced detectives got some clues that linked the boy’s disappearance to Leke. They first saw a freshly plastered ground inside his room. When asked why, he said as an herbalist, he prepared juju and had to bury some component and bath water he used on the ground.

The detectives were about to dig the ground when two of them said they perceived a strange odour. Leke quickly told them that it was from a dustbin at the back. He took them to the backyard where the odour of refuse, feaces and other stinking materials assailed their noses. But like trained, hunting dogs, the detectives continued to sniff around the premises. One of them, waited for a long time in front of a pit latrine. He peered through the pit. He later ordered that the toilet be broken”, an  eyes witness narrated.
And behold, the dismembered body of Moshood tragically stareing all in the face! But his head and private parts were missing.   
Singing like canary
Seeing that he has been caught red handed, Leke begged for forgiveness. He blamed the devil for the dastard act. He allegedly confessed to the police that “it was his friend called “Charity” that told him that he needed a boy for money ritual and the boy must be one that his name is known”.
“After bringing Moshood from Oke-Itase to Leke ‘s house which served as his office and residence, the boy was given six tablets of Cypro Cold (sleeping tablet) around 7 p.m.

He slept off and around 11p.m, Charity and Leke went to work. The body minus head and private parts were dumped inside a pit latrine. Leke was weeping after he confessed. He begged for the mercy of God and government and forgiveness from Moshood’s parents and others. It was a pathetic scene”, a reliable police source disclosed.   

The news of discovery of dead body of Moshood and Leke’s confession spread throughout the ancient town of Ife. Thousands of people gathered to see the “face of murderer”. They became wild and requested for the killer’s head. Police smartly took him away to Osogbo. However, the mob vent their anger on his house-It was razed down!
The AC (CID) confirmed the story, disclosing that Leke had been arraigned in Magistrate Court, Osogbo and now being remanded at Ilesa prison.

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Principal Partner,
Jasogbe Global Network,
08055672630, 08038624858.


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