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Football Pools Coupon | Draws Result | Fixtures

Week 43: FareWell to English Season 2009/2010

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on: May 08, 2010, 05:59:50 PM
      Week 43: FareWell to English Season 2009/2010
At last, we have arrived successfully to the close of the English Football Season, WEEK 43.  We give thanks to God Almighty for his wisdom and direction.  Our performance is strictly based on the dedication of transforming Soccer Pools Stakers world wide to the World of millionaires.

Never forget that your Money will answer all issues of life right from day you were born till day you die. Jasogbe Global Network did not just start yesterday without failures rather had encountered series of failures in the past but refused quitting. That made us thicker and differ in the World of Soccer Pools Business today, from others.

The beauty of this life is that when many watch us prosper, just a few take the bold step/risk of investing in their future and today, they can honestly say they are standing firm without leaning on anybody for financial favour. Pools Soccer business still remain the only legit business that can drive you to your desire height whenever the ‘key’ lands your hand.

As a follow up, we have secured our AUSSIE 8-Weeks Sequential Operation starting from Week 44 to Weeek 51 @ a flat rate of N350,000 only, one time payment. Hurry up and register as no part payment will be entertained. As a bonus kick off for AUSSIE SEASON, FROM WEEK 44, WE DIRECT ALL OUR FANS GLOBALLY TO RAISE FUNDS AS A WINNING LINE OF 5 GAMES HAVE BEEN SECURED FROM OUR COMPLIER TO ACT AS A POINTER FOR THE 8 WEEKS OPERATION FROM WEEK 44-51. HERE IS THE GAME FOR WEEK 44 TO PLAY FOR WINNING LINE: 07-11-19-47-48.
       Week 43: FareWell to English Season 2009/2010


Aussie 8-Weeks Sequential Operation KEY= N350,000 only, One Time Payment.

Note: Those of you using MTN [email protected] to access our Soccer Pools website @, may find difficulty as you need an additional proxy site or betterstill make use of Hotspot for smooth access now. We are seriously working on it. Please bear with us.

To join Engr. Osagie on FaceBook, Click here to invite.

Soccer Pools Business is now computerising. It is based on current keys which make certain matches FIXED and not depending on their strengths. You are advised.


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